Exercise 5

Question 1:

How will designing under a time constraint influence you as a designer? - It would allow me to understand different styles instead of sticking to my own. Also, how to adapt to different senarios.

Question 2:

When you were asked to switch how did you react? - I was in shock and a little stressed because of the time crunch.

Question 3:

What challenges did you face and how strong was the other student's progress and file organization in comparison to your own when you switched? - The main challenge was the very different style this person has. Also they had not gotten far; just the nav with the image. I had gotten half way on mine, but I had sketches for the person who took over mine. The file organization was better than mine. I tend to clean my files after I finish the work.

Question 4:

How will this experience prepare you for future work as a designer? - If any of my partners or coworkers call out or something happens, I would be able to handle their work load with whatever they left me or gave me.

Below is the one I began, then the 2nd is the one I switched to and finished. - There is a gap inbetween the 2 images, not sure why.
The homepage I started The homepage I switched to an finished