Web page design and mock-ups

Web Page Design with Jeff Janelle has taught me a lot about properly setting up web page mock-ups using Photoshop. Using a grid to properly align my items and proper use of color and web safe fonts. You can see two of my mock-ups here, The Athens Theater and Italian House Restaurant.

Coding basics

Coding has always been a struggle for me, but jeff has made it easier for me to understand. It's definitely tough, like learning a new language (you really are), but it's made more sense to me now than any time before. So far I am learning the basics of putting a web page together while also learning more techniques than I did in Web Essentials.

I still have a lot of trouble with coding. It's something that's very new to me and very hard.

Coding is like math to me, it waved bye-bye a long time ago (or in this case, coding waved bye-bye as soon as I met it). It just doesn't seem to click as well as I'd wish.

I read and watch a lot of tutorials and do my best to learn, but a lot of the time, the code doesn't work the way I want it to. At the very least, I wish to be able to edit existing code to make changes in whatever job I have, but I don't think I will ever do coding as a career.