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For this exercise, Etienne and myself switched places half way through our website redesign by the trickster god, Joki Janelle. First thing I noticed when switching was how different people setup their files. I then realized how important it is to have organization, so that others will know or have an idea, what direction you're going with. My files were organizd in a way I thought it would be easy to understand, but I wasn't sure how Etienne thought it felt.

Unfortunately, Etienne did not have any organization, but was further along in the redesign than I was. I spent a while renaming and organizing the layers so that I could work more easily, even though all that I really had to do was build the footer. I didn't make any major changes to what was already there, other than fixing some typos and alignment. I then built the footer based on what he already had there.

After finishing up and looking back at what Etienne did for my website, I saw that he made major changes to my site. Aside from the header and background, which was left mostly the same, the rest I had done were completely changed and looked awfully similar to what Etienne had already done on his own site. It definitely shows that getting into someone else's mind set is tough and when designing, consistency is very important so that those who are also working on the site can really get a feel for the direction you're going for. Also, organization is very important for when someone goes into your file. Otherwise, they may end up really hating working with you.