Jonathon "Jonny Lacard" Rutter's Artwork

Jonny Self Portrait

Hello there.

This is me. You can call me Jonny. No, I didn't forget the 'h'. I'm a nerd, geek, or otaku, whatever you wish to call us. I enjoy video games, anime, comics, and movies. I love to create various types of artwork. Whether it's drawing, making music videos, or my Graphic Design work, I love to create. Let me show you some of what I do.

My Stuff

Here are my traditional and digital artworks. This has various drawings I have done as well as my Graphic Design work, such as logos, posters, and books.

Jonny Lacard's Artstation
Lilith from Borderlands Amatersau from Okami Sonic the Hedgehog

As a hobby, I also like to make music videos, Anime Music Videos (or AMV) to be precise. I take anime footage and put it to music. I enter these into AMV contests, where I have won awards for my videos. Almost all of my AMVs have won at least one award. Check out my youtube channel to check them out!

Jonny Lacard's Youtube Channel