What I have learned so far is that coding is hard!!! If one thing is missing, it's all jacked- up. Thankfully, I have the videos and the code pen to follow. A big thank you to Google and YouTube because I can search how to do anything.
I just have to have the patience to follow the steps and not get overwelmed. I want to always do my best, but I will be happy with a C because I know it is a passing grade and that I really did learn something from this semester
  • The other class I’m taking this semester is art appreciation. I have a cool teacher because if she didn’t make it fun I would have fallen asleep ages ago in the class. It feels more like a art history class and growing up I have all ways hated history class I’m more science and creative type.
  • I’m also taking is web page design, which at first I didn’t understand why I had to take this class when print is the road I’m going down, but thankfully Jeff is a good teacher, helpful and very good at explaining stuff. Thankfully for me, my partner is familiar with it cuz he helps tutor me on the coding parts.
  • With my dyslexia, the coding parts aren't sinking in well and I’m struggling but not giving up with his help and Jeff’s help and the YouTube channel and Jeff’s code pen I’m slowly starting to learn. When I started this program, I didn’t know I would be making mock websites as coding and websites aren’t the area I wanted to be