Etienne Ramos and Jonathan Rutter

So, looking back on this midway swap/redesign of a website project, immediately I felt nervous to start off redesigning a website since coding is new to me. I still feel really unsure about it all and trying to use the first project to learn, grow/expand from the experience and to keep pushing myself so each project redesign gets better than the one before. With that said, my redesign swap was with Jonathon Rutter.

At the time we were told about the swapping, I felt I was moving along and feeling pretty good. I still needed my footer and I might have had time to change things, also more time to brain storm/research other scuba websites to see their designs and how user friendly they were. I also hadn’t had the time to clean my layers and label them, which is a bad habit that I am learning to overcome and not wait till the end to do so.

Jonathon did have some organizing to do in my file, but there wasn’t much left for him to have to do in regards to finishing the design or content. When I went to his station, he wasn’t as far along as I was or enough for me to understand what direction he was really going for.

I felt bad at the end of the swap, after looking at it, I realized I had changed a lot and accidentally made it resemble my page, which wasn’t what I was going for. I wanted to keep his key ideas, but not fully knowing where he left off and unsure of the final result he intended for the assignment, I tried my best to make sure we would both be done with a completed site as the end result.

Dayo Scuba Sample Etienne Ramos Ex5 Jonathan Rutter Ex5