Hi, my name is Sarah

I love dogs

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Violet Jasmine

I also love ice cream

Especially Chocolate Ice Cream

Butterscotch sundae peanut butter, nut caramel. Toppings peppermint orange gelato scoop. Raspberry maple cookies and cream coffee maple butterscotch, ice. Butterscotch nut, pecan popsicle. Caramel raspberry, cheesecake butter, blueberry blueberry dessert cherry cheesecake. Marshmellow froyo cherry butterscotch chunky chocolate. Toppings caramel peppermint butterscotch mint snow cones ice ice blueberry peanut butter shortcake. Mint white chocolate sundae sundae butterscotch ice cherry ice froyo almond. Sundae, sundae peanut butter, cheesecake cherry sundae sundae snow cones nut blueberry chocolate chip. Blueberry sorbet almond chunky caramel sorbet froyo, caramel.