Things I've Learned in Web Design

I'm actually pleased with how much I've learned in a short period of time. Photoshop has always been my weakness, so finding out that creating comps in Photoshop was a requirement for this class had me a little nervous. I'm now feeling more confident with the softawre after learning a few key design techniques. The 1200px grid system is growing on me a lot, I did not get along with it at first. i am also getting a better grasp on baisc HTML and CSS. Things like remaining organized, the placement of things and even new styling options.
I did not know you could Div's inside of Div's until today and I'm glad I now know that. Aside from realising that typing code can have it's worm hole moments. I definitley feel like the more I practice code the easier facing those worm hole moments will be. I was always sort of unsure of what margins and padding did. I would always get their jobs confused and overall had a little confusion with CSS and troubleshooting.
I am actually very proud to be learning code. I've always thought I was a person who couldn't learn a different language. Html is definitely a langauge and it's pretty cool that it's actually sticking. So to me this counts. I am really looking forward to new design features. Things like, slider features, hover features, drop down options and even interative qualities.
Although I am not a wed student, I would really like to continue this in the feild after graduation. I may even take the required web class and finish with both certifications. I would like to be more confident with web deisgn in general.
I have a creative advantage and have progressed with design hierarchy, but I could really use some progression with usuability and just how a website should work, including where certain content should go.