Redesigning Dayo Scuba

Trying to revise this Doya's homepage was pretty challenging considering it's lack of structure. Their homepage was way too cluttered and some things could've been on a different page. So my goal was to create clarity as well as hierarchy. Deciding which content to eliminate ws the hard part.I tried to navigate through their current homepage and pick which information was most important to least important. Then started to layout. I didn't quite finish. That blue box at the bottom was supposed to be a sign up for a class that best fits the customer otion.

original comp

Design Swapping

This real world situation our professor gave the class was extremely difficult for me. Especially since webdesign to me is my weakness. Switching monitors with another classmate and finsihing each others design. My classmates design was strong and off to a great start. So I wasn't sure how to get started. Eventually I caught onto a compromise style and layout concept to flow with what he already designed. And ended up filling his page with content.

classmates revised comp

My revised comp after swap

This is what my classmate came up with after working with what I passed on to him.

 my revised comp