Le Très Particulier

An unforgettable experience is what this place is. One of my favorite places in Paris. Checkered tile fooring, red velvet chairs with gold trim, plants everywhere all inside a room with a greenhouse resemblence. They really know how to create an atmosphere. It's a hidden bar and tapas style venue, at the foot of a very prestigous and old hotel. It is nothing short of eye candy and a great time.

Shakespeare and Company

If you're a book worm I'd definitely consider visiting Shakespeare and Company; a popular book store near Notre Dame with a coffee shop connected to it. Grab a cup of coffee and head to the bookstore to browse their exquisite book selection. It also has a nice outdoor seating area to drink your coffee and maybe start reading the book you just got. You will not want to leave.

This is Le Très Particulier

Le Très Particulier

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