My Reflection

As you can see I wasn't able to finish my side of the assignment. I notice that Sometimes I don't do well under pressure, and I tend to focus on design. This puts my OCD in over drive. I realize now that I have to compromise when it comes to a time cruch and be able to still excute the design. This was very hard for me to focus on what I really wanted to do with the design. It was a learning experience.

Picture of Matthews redesign of Dayo Scuba with classmates help.

The Switch

The switch was not easy for me, concidering I'm bad at labeling my layers. So it's hard for someone eles to come behind me to work. I got to be better at that now, seeing how it can effect the next person. My other stuggles were being able to keep the direction that the designer before intended to be. Meaning, I wanted to change alot, but I know I can't because it's his idea.


In conclusion I do beleave I need a lot of work, when it comes to sharing. Also, this was a great lesson for all of us.

Picture of CLassmate redesign of dayo scuba with matthews help.