Switch Hero Reflection

This is a brief reflection about what we did today in class exercise. My professor Jeff assign us to redesign the homepage of a websitein less than 2 hours when I took a look at their actual website everything was messed up there was no clear organization, there were ads everywhere so I tought I have a lot of job to do without thinking I began organizing my layout in a clearable and clean way. Time was running out and I have done with the half content of their website, when Jeff told us to change seats and finish and fix their work

My website version

When I checked my partner exercise I tought inside me this is going the same way as the actual website, I realizedI have job to do, I knew my partner and like everyone in this class we all are learning to build and design a webpage so we all are learning from each other with this exercise. Even tough I found a lot of fixing I focus on the layout I tried to understand why she want to design their website that way. She was in a good way she just need to fix her layout. I worked on that I keep the same background color and header, I fix her logo in a way doesnt look comic sans

Her website version with some tweaks for me

I really enjoyed this exercise the things that I learned is how you can learn from other students design, and also I learn how you can do a homepage of a website without overthinking and focusing on the layout