craigslist redesign

project 1 | william zaballero - jeff janelle | intermediate web page design - fall 2020

client brief

Craigslist was developed in 1995 by Craig Newmark. The site originated as an email newsletter sent out to friends, but it has since become a worldwide classifieds and forum site serving more than 700 cities in 72 countries. On this site, users are free to post about anything they want to sell, purchase trade, and discuss. Craigslist gets over 100 million new ads and billions of views each month, making it one of the most highly visited sites in the world.

project summary

The aim of this project is to rework the design of the Craigslist site to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. The design should utilize the same content, but be based on a specific decade or style, in this case, Bauhaus. The final designs will include mobile and desktop sizes. A prototype of the website will also be made.

the logo

color palette



this is work sans

this is also work sans

this typeface best matched the design samples i researched. originally i used some fonts from a bauhaus collection, but they weren't as neutral as i wanted. work sans had almost exactly the width, x-height, terminals, and double story characters I was looking for. it looks great all lowercase.