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"What appears to be the future for many, is already the past for some, who are now unfolding it into the present."
- Charles Ostman

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What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is already here. The biotech industry provides much of the self assembling, self organizing biomolecular materials which enables the first “layer” of nanotech applications, among which is the next generation of nanocomputing platforms. This next generation of computing capacity will directly fold back into the biotech industry, an IT centric industry heavily dependant on supercomputing capacity pushed to its ultimate limits.

The diagram to the right indicates the relationshsips between computationally intensive bioinformatics and in-silico biology (note the biological sytem cellular "schematic"), proteomic molecular components which are directly applied to biomedical genopharmacology, and "structural proteomics" applied to next generation computing platforms which are constructed with these proteomic materials.

Current bioinformatics systems are heavily dependant on biological metaphors in computing, processes which mimic biology, such as neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, and other biologically inspired mechanisms. Note the actual volumetric screenshot of a self-evolved neural network.

infographic describing the everyday uses of nanotechnology

“Reconfigurable” Computing Meets Telecom: Gelware and Beyond

Is the boundary between hardware and software eroding? What is “gelware” and how will it affect the future of telecom?

Charles Ostman

The boundaries between “hardware” and “software” are no longer precise and discernible. At both ends of the system--at the user side and at the provider side, i.e., the large-scale, multiuser server engines and the switch/router hubs to which they connect--the concept of singularly defined functionality components may be giving way to an arena where the adaptability of a system component is as important, if not more so, than the functionality of component itself. The functionalities of computational processes, media streaming, and data packet routing are no longer autonomous, self-contained processes nor are the systems which perform these tasks.

In an article which appeared in Business Week several months ago, Larry Ellison of Oracle is quoted as saying he envisions his Network Computer media appliance “boxes” and other contenders in this arena as being devices populated with “reconfigurable logic” in which the functional identity of the physical device would be reconfigured with Java code which would be downloaded into the unit, which would reconfigure it according to the application accessed on-line. The July 1997 issue of Scientific American featured a cover article titled “The Microchip That Rewires Itself.” The writer states that reconfigurable system components are at the core of the development of applications ranging from encryption keys and system components to media streaming and distributed computing.

an artist depiction of gelware: the scientific exploration of the synthesis of hardware, software, and biology.
image of a person with binary code running creating the shape of a face, instead of a real face. They're wearing a hoodie and looking into a laptop computer. More lines of binary code run haphazardly in the background.

The Internet as an Organism: Human/Internet Symbiosis

Charles Ostman

The article is actually an edited section of a much larger paper on the topic of the organic properties of the global internet system, the human/internet symbiosis, the potential threshold boundaries of sentience as it would propogate on the global network, and related topics. This is actually part of a book which I am currently authoring, titled (at least at this moment) the Age of Convergence.

Somewhat in the same fashion that James Burke has crafted his "Connections" series and book, in outlining the convergence of seemingly unrelated events, political and social trends of the moment, and enabling technologies into a contiguous technology development stream, I have assembled a series of highly detailed examinations into a diverse, but very much interconnected series of technology developments which form the "existance matrix" of the new realm.

Although my background is primarily scientific and technical development oriented, this has not restricted my ability and desire to convey to the general public a direct and understandable view into topics ranging from nanotechnology to artifical organisms, mind/machine interface to the organic symbiotic properties of the internet.

For many, the line between fact or "near future" technology developments, and wild speculation designed to sell theater tickets and video rentals, is difficult at best to decipher. I tend to believe that fact is indeed more fascinating than fiction, and to this end, I render the highly researched writings on the topics which are the significant milestones of the new "Cyber Revolution".

It is this fabric of interconnectivity, as well as the technologies themselves, which are of interest.

The submitted paper, "The Internet as an Organism", contains the following contents:




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