An Exploration of Surrealism


a movement in art and literature in the 1920s, which developed esp from dada, characterized by the evocative juxtaposition of incongruous images in order to include unconscious and dream elements.

surrealist painting by Ambercrombie
surrealist painting by Barzanji
Battle of the Fishes
cat that is also a cake
man with cats for eyebrows and mustache
Surrealist painting by Chirico
painting by Dali
mixed media surrealism
surrealist painting by Ernst
modern surrealism
surrealist painting
painting by Kahlo
son of man by Magritte
painting by Matta
surreal photography
this is not a pipe
surrealist painting
surrealist painting
painting by Dali
surrrealist painting
surrrealist painting
surrrealist painting

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