Its that time, every four years around November election time rolls around. The time when we all get to decide who will be our leader for the next four years. Whoever you decide to vote for is entirely your decision. Let us help you gain some knowledge about our government’s reoccuring issues that you should look out for to help you gain knowledge on what requires your attention the most. Whoever you decide, remember it is entirely your decision and yours alone to choose what you feel is best for our country.


You decide what is best for you.


Young girls under the age of 19 who receive abortions per year


Women ages 20-24 are at a very close peak to receiving abortions


Women ages of 25-29 whom are in the peak of careers and transitioning are at the very top of mass abortions


Women aged in their 30’s are divided among early 30’s and late 30’s in which they consider it as late


Women 40 and over still are in the viable area to have children but very few begin this at this stage

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  1. With more access to birth control abortion rates have dropped by 26%
  2. Abortion proced- ures are very safe procdeures and there is only a 1% chance of complications
  3. Younger women with financial problems that are in their 20s is very common
  4. There are many types of abortions many of which can be done at home
  5. Banning abortions won’t stop them from happening


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Action and practice of selling/ performing sexual acts for money
race of clients
  • 2.8%
  • 38.9%
  • 19.4%
  • 16.7%
  • 19.4%


Percentage of prostitutes who enter in this occupation as a result of coming from battered homes and abused members


Started before age of 18


Were homeless and started as a way to get by


Minds can easily be coerced given the right


Were placed in foster systems or under the guardianship of another family member


Painless killing of an individual that suffers from an incurable disease or a vegetative state that is assisted usually by a physician. This practice is illegal in most countries because it is deemed unethical

U.S. Physician assisted suicide patients
  • 49.3%
  • female
  • 50.7%
  • male
  • 94.2%
  • were white
  • 47.7%
  • had college degrees
  • Majority were ages
  • 68-69
  • 63.1%
  • had cancer
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Legalization of Euthanasia

Only the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and few U.S. sates have legalized euthanasia

Regulated Assisted Suicide by Country
  • blue triangleLuxembourg
  • yellow triangleU.S. States
  • green tirangleNetherlands
  • orange triangleBelgium
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