Client Brief

Craigslist exists to help people find what they are looking for, and to help people find other people who want what they have. Craigslist market grew where users can now look for housing, jobs, etc.
Craigslist longterm goal is to successfully continue to be this for people with a positive experience as well as having a simple user friendly approach.


Improving the usability and design of the website while keeping a solid straightforward approach. Doing this it’s creating a more user friendly design for the users and visitors to the site. This will hopefully bring a positive experience. Measuring this success will be based no the continuous support the website will maintain.

Design Needs

Simple, clear, and user friendly will be key to this redesign. Clear headers, and seamless direction will help organize the information. This will allow the users eyes to easily find its way to what they are exactly looking for. Giving the website a proper grid will help with the organization as well as giving the website a form of structure.