Craigslist Redesign

Planning Document

Client Brief

Craigslist, is a private company that has been operating over the Internet since 2003, but was originally launched in 1995 by Craig Newmark located in the San Fransisco Bay area. He made Craigslist originally with the intent to have a forum-like website so that users can chat and talk with each other. But by 1999, the was site was adapted to advertise jobs and products. It was made so that users can “post /upload information, join in local discussions, buy and sell goods in the classified section, and find jobs and romance”. After that, the site started expanding throughout 2000-2005, moving into several different countries and cities outside the United States and at one point having one-quarter of the website owned by eBay. Eventually, by November 2008, Craigslist agreed to put more restrictions among advertisers. Advertisers had to start providing phone numbers, credit card numbers, and added fees per the advertisements the user wanted to post. This change was made to discourage sex operators, prostitution, “erotic services” and other illegal sex-oriented businesses to continue on the website. But since then, they have built up a bad reputation of having scammers, disturbing services/items, a not-so-easy-to-use user interface, horror stories, continuing allegations and even arrests of sexual services still continuing on the site ranging from 2009-to 2020. But at least there was a 2012 film called “Craigslist Joe”, showing a documentary of Joseph Garner surviving off of Craigslist up to 31 days showing the adventurous, potential and hopeful side of the website we’ve all come to know as Craigslist.

Project Summary

We have to design it so that it is more user-friendly. The look is outdated; it is hard to find information and it is easy to get lost since there is no consistent form of navigation such as a nav-bar or bright buttons. The site has to look cleaner and new to attract a younger crowd and to bring back previous users that were scared to use it in the first place. The client’s goal with the project is increasing revenue. But to increase revenue, we need more investors, customers, buyers and overall more traffic on the website. They will measure success by having a better reputation, thus increasing more profits and benefits for the company. They need cleaner typography, new colors, and easy-to-navigate buttons. I would probably gather color palettes , experiment with different types and sort out the content so that it is more user-friendly.