Millenial Future

As a new generation of voters emerge we may feel that our voices are not heard. The problem of yesterday have evoled into new ones. Here are some poll issues that effect todays young people.

Educate yourself and go Vote.

Old vs New

How the Media effects our political choses?

New Media platforms such as twitter YouTube independent blogs have little to no real control over how popular news is perceived by the public. While old media like CNN, and Fox News covers may cover a similar story but with more attention on the emotional reactions they can incite into their viewers.

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Old Media Platforms
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New Media Platforms
Other Media Platforms

Game Microtransactions

Should lootboxes be Banned in the US or just Regulated?

Loot boxes or in-game micro-transactions are an almost $30 billion dollar industry. These transactions are mildly regulated which has given the opportunity for some companies to make loot boxes profits a major part of their company income. This has raised some concern with anti-gambling advocacy groups.

In some ways these transactions are the only the only way some game companies can survive in the industry.

2013 $5B
2014 $6B
2015 $7B
2016 $8.5B
2017 $8B
2018 $8.2B
2019 $9B

PC/Console revenue for both product and services

Income Discrimination

36%Household using vouchers protected by
the non-dicrimination income housing laws

64%Household using vouchers unprotected by
the non-dicrimination income housing laws

Is there such a thing as good and bad moneywhen given by a government service?

In many neighborhoods across the country Veterans are being denied fair housing options due to the source of income such as government Housing vouchers; which are covered under Laws Prohibiting Discrimination Against Voucher Households Act.

Even with there being laws against income discrimination landlords feel they are doing a duty to protect the safe and valuable community that they have developed from anyone who could be a possible threat to their community.

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