Craigslist Redesign

Project 1 - Josef Ortiz

Client Brief has been around since 1995 founded by Craig Newman. Jim Buckmaster is currently the ceo. Craigslist is the top 20 websites that generates over $1 billion in revenue. They serve over 700 cities in 70 countries. My point of contact for this project will be Jeff Janelle the head of design.

Craigslist is a company that provides a platform for people who wish to post, sell, trade, discuss, rent, or give away items to people locally. They are an online classifieds website that connect sellers with potential buyers. Their long term goals are to provide a safe and secure user friendly platform that provides an easy to understand site for both the seller and buyer.

Project Summary

This project will consist of an overall redesign of The goal is to improve the usability of the site by improving the layout and structure of the page so that key elements will be easily identifiable by the user and help them acheive their goals. It has been decided to add visual design elements inspired from art deco in an effort to promote traffic and user engagement. A way to measure success is if there is more traffic to the site and transactions.

We will start with a focus on the following pages: home, category listing, single post, post your listing, Help | FAQ | Abuse | Legal, and Avoid scams & frauds. Some of the designs need are to establish a clear hiearcy of sections, a search feature and the option for a user to find their location easily. Also to improve the layout of the ads so that the user can easily process the information.

The client has provide the content. We will provide the images and user interface elements like the form and button styles.

Reserach & Inspiration


Element Collage