why don't we vote?

Exploring the most common reasons individuals don’t vote as seen in this Pew Research Poll.

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"i didn't like the candidates

Find out who’s running in your area here

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side note:

76% of voters think campaigns are too negative


"my vote won't make a difference"

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Local elections have a direct impact on your community and are often bundled with national elections. You can learn more about upcoming local elections here.


"i'm too busy"

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Most states allow you to vote by mail ahead of time. Click here to find out information for your state.

"i have an illness"

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Voting accessibility is taken very seriously and many accomodations have been made and implemented by law. You can learn more about voting accessibility here.


"i'm out of town"

Absentee voting is very easy! And supported in every state! You can learn more about absentee voting here.

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"i had a problem registering"

Voter registration can vary by state, but most don’t even require you to appear in person anymore. Registering to vote has never been easier through the internet. Learn about registering in your area here.

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"i forgot"

The age of smart phones and the internet has brought us a lot of great apps for setting reminders and specifically even for voting. Check some out here.

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"i had transportation problems"

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Both cities and private organizations offer ride sharing opportunities for voting. Free of charge! Check some out here.

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