Project Brief

Redesign Craigslist as if it had existed in the 1950s. Design the homepage, search results page, product page, FAQ, and avoiding scams. The project must also redesign the process for posting a listing. Deliverables are comps and a functioning prototype.

Project Goals

Create a monochromatic design that utilizes a newspaper grid and reflects the midcentury without having to rely on gimmicky patterns and shapes. Maintain the spirit of Craigslist by sticking to a functional design free from unneeded decoration.

Airports and Newspapers

The two major influences for the design direction came from mid century era airports and newspaper grids. In order to maintain the simple and straightforward purpose of Craigslist, the functional signage of airports and the grid structure of newspapers served as the backbone of the layout. This allowed for the design to feel mid century, without having to rely on funky patterns and over the top color combinations.

Design Elements

Color Study