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About WET

Water Equipment Technology is a professional company that offers critical support in harvesting, storing and the efficient application of your water supply. Our business strategy is Sustainable Water Management Solutions, with the help our professional team and high expertise, we can provide just what you are looking for.

A Sustainable quality water supply is the life blood of any Agricultural Property, Horticultural Garden or Sporting Arena. This day and age, such irrigators must have their own water supply complete with a water usage management plan to guarantee themselves of an uninterrupted sustainable water supply.

Design and Consultantcy

We specialize and offer full service in these list but not limited to:

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icon for turf irrigation services

Turf irrigation

icon for pumping and filteration system services

Pumping & Filteration

icon for water supply testing services

Water supply testing

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Central Control System

icon for hydralic calculations services

Hydralic Calculations

icon for nutrient dousing services

Nutrient Dousing

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Storage & Harvesting

Our technology at WET allows us to have full control of monitoring & mapping moisture to soils that are in critical condition, and drastically change the irrigation within a 12 month period, allowing for full potential of growth all the while you get to save yourself from expenses.

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