For this project, we want to give a bit of a face lift. Our client’s goals are to maintain their simple navigation and ease of use all while updating their user interface. They want to make their site easy enough for ANYONE to use. Their small text on desktop could be updated for those who need/want a larger font face.

We would like to help modernize their site with a blast from the past. By changing the user interface, we could appeal to a whole new set of clients. With more clients, we could have more connections between communities. We will measure success with the more ads and connections between various communities.

Our mission is to complete our Craigslist redesign with a modern-day Bauhaus twist. We want to make this site accessible for all devices. In order to do this, we need various shapes, colors, lots of research about the Bauhaus Era and explore the trends of modern day. By merging together all these items, we should have a recipe for a successful Craigslist Redesign.


Image of Craigslist inspiration collage

While researching, I found a lot of varying images from the Bauhaus Era that inspired me to reach my final design decision. I love the boldness of Bauhaus and all the varying colors, shapes, and line work. I wanted to take some elements and mix it together with modern design in order to make my Craigslist Redesign a perfect mix of Bauhaus and upscale modernization.


Image of Craigslist Style Tile

This is the style tile that started it all. I wanted to include the colors from the Bauhaus era as well as mix in some modern-day elements.


(home page)

Image of Craigslist WireFrames on the left, and the comprehensive design on the right