Home Style Belgian Waffles

Looking for a Sweet Treat?

We are no more calories than your average sandwich bun.

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Your next syrup free breakfast obsession

It’s not often that a dream is spurred in a Waffle House. For the folks at Giraffe Waffle house their dream was not only born in a Waffle House – it was the Waffle House that inspired it.

All Natural

We use 100% natural low-sodium meats that are sans nitrites and nitrates, MSG, artificial colors and flavors, chemicals, preservatives, and ingredients that are impossible to pronounce.

Most everything at Giraffe Waffle House is made with local, fresh ingredients right before your eyes. Quite simply, we leave added calories and artificiality to our competitors.

Gluten Free

Please inquire about our famous homemade Gluten Free Waffles made on a dedicated waffle iron.

Please Note: Not all products shown are available in both restaurants. Price and participation can vary.