Three Days Grace

Live June 5


Kaleigh Baker, Singer portrait

Kaleigh Baker

Lil Indies
Price: FREE

Among the many gifts given with both hands to formerly local, currently New York-prowling singer-songwriter Kaleigh Baker – aside from that Swiss Army knife of a voice.

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Red Green Yello Blue button on game piece

Think Tank Trivia

Lil Indies
Price: FREE

Prizes are $30, $20 and $10 gift cards to Will's Pub and Indies.


  • $15 Oskar Blues buckets
  • $5 off select large format beers
  • $5 Kappa Pisco lemonade
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retro image of band members

Sgt. Pepper's LIVE: 50th Anniversary Tribute Show

Will's Pub
Price: $12-$15

SGT. PEPPER'S LIVE: A tribute show featuring an all-star Ofrlando band playing the landmark album in its entirety in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its release.

June 2


Our Story


the thousands of children who’ve allegedly been conceived as a result of the joint’s carnal formula of loud-ass rock ‘n’ roll and free-flowing beer is a mildly interesting footnote. But what tough customers like you wanna know is the straight dope on Will’s Pub. Not much really, unless you think being a cornerstone and incubator for absolutely everything – everything! – independent-minded in Florida’s music scene in the past two decades is some sort of whoop-de-doo accomplishment or something.

Well, if you are one of those nerds, then it might steam yer specs to know that Will’s Pub is basically a neighborhood bar that was colonized by the music community as soon as it opened in 1995. And that now-institutionalized culture and ethos has turned it into one of the Sunshine State’s most established live music venues and an anchor of the city’s creative district.

interior of Will's Pub Exterior building of Will's Pub Singer with microphone and guitar