Phantom Lady

Action, Drama, Romance

Armed with a 'black light ray projector' and a barely-there custome, Sandra Knight, Phantom Lady, save the day so that justice prevails over the meanest of men in the world!


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Love Experience Comic
Love Experiences Vol 15-17

Maudlin, sentimental, and rigorously moralistic, love comics such as Love Experiences helped indoctrinate a generation of young girls with the rigid expectations and narrow sexual roles prescribed for them by mainstream American society during the 1950s.


Flamming Love Comic
Flaming Love Vol 5

Flaming Love was an anthology comic featuring romance stories. It was originally published by Quality Comics, and was acquired by DC Comics when DC bought quality in 1956.


Blue Bolt Comic
Blue Bolt Vol 8

Hit by a lightning bolt during practice football star Fred Parrish gets into a plane to seek help when he is hit by another bolt so that he and the plane crash into a cavern and the subterranean world of Deltos, there he is revived by the scientist ruler of Deltos Dr. Bertoff with an injection of radium.


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