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Benefit Showcase

Liquid Cellar Bar and BistroOn Saturday, April 2nd, FlatFoot Records held it's first ever Benefit Showcase at the Liquid Cellar Bar & Bistro, next to UCF. Proceeds from the evening were donated to Relay 4 Life, an organazation that raises money for cancer research and remembers those lost by the disease. Five great FlatFoot bands played through the night rocking for a very good cause. The bands that particpated were Seven Blue Skies, Tribadism, The Adorables, Unison, and Early Next Year. Special Thanks are in order for the Liquid Cellar, the Musicians for being energetic and to help fight cancer.

New Cd Release

Luminosity - ConvergenceWe are very excited, our next release is iminent. Luminosity a 3 piece jazz band recorded with us last summer and we should be releasing their album Convergence by the end of this February. Many people's artistic talents went to work to get this CD ready for the public, we want to express out thanks to those people and especially to Luminosity for choosing our label to release with. For more information about the band and the new luminosity CD...

Bruce Hensal

Bruce Hensal, renowned producer, and the man that gave us the idea for the record label stopped by our offices today, April 3rd. A Group of Producerss sat down with him to learn more about artist development. The first part of the meeting was spent bringing Bruce up to speed on how the record label has grown. The students learned that as producers they must form a relationship with their artist. An interpersonal relationship so that they can approach an artist and have an open conversation about their future. Artists and producers have a common goal: the artist to be successful. By keeping this goal in mind artists and producers can create solutions. Bruce also expressed support for several of FlatFoot's already standing practices. FlatFoot seeks to record diverse music and Bruce encouraged us to veer away from the main stream. He respects that we screen not for genre but for musical quality and that gives us more credibility as a label. He complimented our first fully student produced album (Pretty Ugly "Walk a Mile in my Shoes") saying it sounds like a record and it exceeded his expectations. He urged the producers to listen, listen, listen often it is the off the wall stuff no one has ever heard of that you'll find to be amazing. And it is that kind of exposure future artist will be looking for. We thank Bruce for giving us the idea to start the label and supporting our efforts by giving our students and artist some insigh into the industry.