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Expanding Music Education

Submit a DemoFlatFoot strives to seek out and record local bands of diverse musical styles. House on Valencia's East Campus, FlatFoot Records offers a hands on learning environment for students in the Music Production Technology Program.FlatFoot Records is a student run record label at Valencia Community College. Because the recording and mixing processes at FlatFoot are educational experiences for the students there is no charge for studio time and no rental fees for use of our equipment or microphones.

Meet the band

Luminosity - ConvergenceA three piece Jazz band, that came in over the summer to record with us. They were phenomenal that once we heard the mix the label voted to sign them. We are currently working on printing the CD for the release. Luminosity was born when Ramon Lopex called me from Tokyo. Anyone that knows Ramon has seen his ability to focus and amke things happen. I met Ramon and Justin during the Fall of 2000 at the University of Central Florida. We felt that our connection... More information about the band Luminosity here

Valencia Community College

Valencia Community CollegeValencia offers two different AS Degrees in Music Production; one in Music and Audio and the other in Performance. Learn about earning a degree in the Music Production Technology... FlatFoot relies on interdisciplinary cooperation at VCC to support other ares of operation within the record label this enables FlatFoot to offer students in many disciplines the opportunity to fill an internship with us. For more on Internship Opporunities visit Valencias Ipo site...