Featured Releases

Luminosity - Convergence

Luminosity - Convergence CDA three piece Jazz band, that came in over the summer to record with us. They were phenomenal that once we heard the mix the label voted to sign them. We are currently working on printing the CD for the release. Luminosity was born when Ramon Lopex called me from Tokyo. Anyone that knows Ramon has seen his ability to focus and amke things happen. I met Ramon and Justin during the Fall of 2000 at the University of Central Florida. We felt that our connection... More information about the band Luminosity here

Pretty Ugly - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Pretty Ugly - Walk A Mile In My ShoesThis is FlatFoot's first fully student developed album. Students with Flat Foot Records and in various degree programs were instrumental completeing this CD. It was released in late December 2004. Pretty Ugly is an Orlando based poppy punk band. In their three years, they have performed locally at Will's Pub, The Social, Trapper Keeper, Bodhosatta, Slingapour's, Maui Jack's and Liquid Cellar... More information about the band Pretty Ugly here

Sandy Shugart - Didn't You Know?

Sandy ShugartThis album was FlatFoot's first release, it was released in Novemember 2004. He has also recorded a Christmas album with us. ndy Shugart blends two careers one as a poet and singer/songwriter, another as a college president. He says they nourish each other, his "day job" giving him the material that is turned into ballads and folk-rock licks of life, work, growing, and growing old. With three independtly produced CDs in 2000, Sandy has... More on information about Sandy Shugart here