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Jay Kay on stage

Go Jamming with Jamiroquai -- 06.18.2006

Jamiroquai is coming to Kyiv for a concert organized by Prosto Radio, and all this just two weeks after the amazing show by the Black Eyed Peas. Local audiences barely have enough time to cool down. After all, Jamiroquai is famous for their electrifying live acts and their concerts are always eagerly anticipated. And, for Ukraine, whose music fans don’t often get to see stars of Jamiroquai’s caliber, the upcoming concert may well be the biggest music event of the last few years… [more]

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Jay Kay Helicopter Update -- 06.17.2006

Flying website Loop recently wrote about Jay's helicoper lessons in a news story about the England football (soccer) team party that was held last month… [more]

"Buffalo Man" on TV -- 06.11.2006

It seems that over the years many Jamiroquai fans have got themselves buffalo man tattoos to show their respect and appreciation of Jamiroquai.  Well, if you watch childrens television in Israel… [more]

Jamitaly Radio Launched -- 06.08.2006

Jamitaly - a recently launched Italian Jamiroquai fansite and community has recently added a "radio" to the site, featuring only Jamiroquai tracks.  Have a look at the Jamitaly website… [more]

Jay Kay Buys a Motorhome! -- 06.07.2006

Jay Kay has a multi-million pound collection of motors, including several Ferraris, a Lamborghini Diablo and a James Bond-style Aston Martin. But the singer had something all together different… [more]


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