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Mother Embraces Son

Birthmother Reunites with her Son

After many years apart Matt Dieter was able to find his birthmother. Dieter's adoptive mother left him all of his birth records and information after she passed away. A little over three years later he decided to try and locate his birthmother. Able to track down a phone number for the last name he was given Dieter eventually got in contact with his birth mother. They later met and shared their stories, as well as some tears with each other...[more]

Utah Governor Adopts Internationally

Utah governor Jon Huntsman and his family will soon be welcoming home their new baby girl. Governor Huntsman has adopted a baby girl from an orphanage in India... [more]

Adoption Bill Approved Again By Senate

Yesterday the Senate approved the adoption bill that was approved and modified by the House earlier in the week. The bill if approved by the governor will allow adoptees... [more]

Adoption Staying Strong in Hollywood

Actress Halle Berry has been the most recent celebrity talking about possible plans to adopt a child. Berry just as other hopeful Hollywood moms plans to adopt whether or not... [more]

Adoption Bill Passes in Canada

Many have been waiting for the Adoption Bill that was just passed. According to Canadian Press, approximately 9,000 children are in foster care waiting for homes... [more]