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July 15th, 2001

Masaharu MorimotoMaster chef Masaharu Morimoto has just opened another Tako Sushi Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The grand opening party was extravagant, just as any party must be in Las Vegas.

This will be the third Tako Sushi Restaurant that Masaharu Morimoto has opened since 1998. The Las Vegas location of Tako Sushi will serve the same menu as the first two locations. It will contain a sushi bar and lounge area, as well as traditional table settings. Visit the Locations page for directions!

February 23rd, 2001

Master chef Masaharu Morimoto has created five new sushi recipes for his Tako Sushi Restaurant locations. Sporting creative names like Hot Mama and Death by Sushi, these rolls look as crazy as they sound. Visit the Locations page to find the Tako Sushi Restaurant nearest you. Come and try these new rolls today!

Miami, FLJanuary 3rd, 2000

Just two years after the grand opening of the Tako Sushi Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, Masaharu Morimoto has decided to open another Tako Sushi Restaurant in happening Miami, Florida. The restaurant will be set up just as the first restaurant is, with an added lounge area -- a place for drinks, appetizers, and lounging around. A little more laid back than the Chicago location, the Miami Tako Sushi location will still be just as delicious! Visit the locations page for the address of the Miami location.
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