Cascading Style Sheets

Written by Amanda Kern

Cascading Style Sheets

As we noticed quickly, HTML by itself is a very simplistic and not so great looking language. On it's own we have very little control over our web page designs. This is where CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) enters the picture. If used properly CSS can not only make your web pages look more professional and consistent, but they will also load faster and become much easier to edit.

Incorporating CSS into our web pages

As with most things, there are a few different ways we can incorporate CSS to style our web pages. Let's take a look at each method.

Commenting your CSS

As with most programming there is a way to comment your CSS so that you can make notes to yourself or others that might edit your files. There are two main ways to comment your CSS:

//This creates a single line comment

/* This creates a multi-line comment that
will display for as many lines as needed */