Planning a Flash Project

Written by Amanda Kern

Planning: The Most Crucial Steps

As you'll quickly learn, Flash is a pretty complex program that can easily punish those that do not adequately plan projects. Flash development is a time consuming process, not to mention the "f" word - frustrating. You are guaranteed to run into some type of bug or a need to test your project continually. Jumping into Flash without a plan can quickly lead to a nightmare project. It's proven that time spent planning a project's goals, objectives as well as clarifying how the project will function will lead to much less of a painless development process. In fact, realistically plans should be reviewed and approved by a client or your boss prior to working in Flash to ensure the design and concept is on target.

The Many Considerations to contemplate: The client & project

Clarifying a project's objectives

So if you are use to doing rough drafts for a logo, brochure or web site be prepared for a bit of a change. Rough drafts for Flash projects, commonly referred to as storyboards, generally exhibit thought into multiple scenes and transitions to exhibit how main transitions and features in a project will occur. Site maps or flowcharts are often created as projects become more complex to show how a project will function from page to page.

The Many Considerations to contemplate: Storyboarding a Flash Project

Storyboarding Handouts

The following resources are available to assist you in storyboarding projects for Flash.

Storyboarding Examples

The following examples are provided to give you insight into the process of creating a storyboard.