Advertising Design

An Introduction

In order for companies to grab the attention of their target audience they must promote themselves. One effective solution is advertising. Naturally there are various mediums or vehicles a company can choose to advertise. Whether it's a billboard, magazine ad, or online advertisement generally the goal is to grab the attention of the audience to sell, promote, or inform.

As a designer it's important that you understand how to design for each specific type of advertising. It helps to research and also get a better understanding of some of the more successful Advertising Campaigns. A good place to start is Ad Age's Advertising Century "Top 100 Advertising Campaigns", which features a list of top advertising campaigns .

Here are a few tips on advertising for some specific types of projects:

Keys to Successful Advertising

Here are a few points to consider when designing advertisements:



Advertising Campaigns

So you might be asking "What is an Advertising Campaign?" It's important to understand that when you are branding a company's identity that consistent advertising across multiple types of media increases the chances that the audience will see and remember a company. That's the exact purpose of an advertising campaign. Let's take a moment to look a little closer at some successful advertising campaigns.

Chipotle Campaign

When designing advertising campaigns you must not only think of consistency but also the "concept", keep in mind the more memorable the ad the better chance that your audience will not only relate to the message but they will remember it. A great example is the mexican restaurant, Chipotle, who focuses quite often on their enormous burrito. Chipotle generally implements simplistically designed ads that primarily focus on an image of their well known burrito along side a tag line that always grabs the audience's attention. Use of white space certainly is an effective design element in their advertising. Also majority of their advertising works well in black and white so it also becomes very cost effective.


Mini Campaign

The Mini Campaign by Award winning Advertising Agency, Crispin, Porter, + Bogusky , has certainly received a lot of attention for it's innovative approach to advertising. Whether you've seen a Mini ad in a magazine, on a billboard, in or any other form of media it's highly likely that the advertisement was so unique that it was hard to forget. The Mini ads certainly boosted the exposure of the rerelease of the Mini car. The ads helped serve the message of the car's return to the auto industry and that the small size of the car is something to be proud of because it stood out from most other cars.The Mini ads are a perfect example of a successful campaign.

mini ad1

mini ad2

mini ad3mini ad4

mini ad5

mini ad 6

mini ad 7

Media Kits

If you're new to designing advertisements it's likely that you might not be that familiar with media kits. Media kits are basically guidelines that you must meet in order to advertise with a specific company. Each company has it's on guidelines that differ depending upon the media being used. For instance, the specifications to advertise for a billboard are completely different that what is expected for a magazine advertisement or a banner ad for the web. Media kits clarify some of the important information you'll need such as:

Some companies also provide you with break downs of target audiences and the anticipated average population that might view the advertisement so that you have a good overview of the audiences you would expect to reach with your advertisement.

Often times companies have their media kits available online. Most printed media such as magazines have printed details of how to contact personnel for additional information. It's wise to obtain media kits before advertising so that you can help gauge estimated costs and limitations of the advertisement.

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