This is the first take at the redesign:

first draft image

This is the second take after I continued Frankie's work:

second draft image


  1. designing under a time contraint makes you think on your toes. You really have to come up with creative solutions to work with a limited amount of time. it is all about optimizing your workflow.
  2. I was still VERY VERY early in my design so I only had really completed the background, header area, hero image and had just begun to work on the footer.
  3. Once I was given the new design it was actually a bit easier because there were already the bones there for me to work off of. I did not have to come up with something from scratch. Frankie already had quite a bit of her design laid out so it was fairly simple to follow along and her layers were fairly organized too.
  4. I think this was a really great experience because it taught me to think on my toes and to work with what I've got infront of me and that is something that will happen all the time in the real world.