Question No.01

How will designing under a time constraint influence you as a designer?

It will influence me to have instincts as a esigner, and to know what to do and how to do it both quickly and efficiently.

Question No.02

When you were asked to switch, how did you react?

I was surprised, but also curious as to how the person I was switching with was doing, and happy that I would now have a good idea of what to do and how to do it (whereas my own work was more experimental on my part than anything else).

Question No.03

What challenges did you face and how strong was the other student's progress in comparison to your own when you switched?

It was much more professional looking than mine (no surprise), and the person who originally worked on it did a fantastic job at making everything look accessible and readible. Definitely inspiring!

Question No.04

How will this experience prepare you for future work as a designer?

I'm majoring in print designing, so I will not be designing websites like this in the real world. However, for the sake of this class, it will help me to know how to make my page designs more modern-looking, at least as far as the photoshop side of it goes. Coding is still my mildly-autistic brain's enemy, though.

Question No.05

FTP the html and comps with your reflection to Exercise 5 on the Valebcia Web Studio and copy/paste the URL here.