Uno Card Game

Uno announces that everyone is playing Uno wrong

The fans of the game are reeling from the earth-shattering announcements from the official Uno Twitter account: a lot of us are playing the game incorrectly.The card game has very simple rules - or so it first appears. Players try to get rid of the cards in their hand by stacking a card that matches the top card in the discard pile. Matches can be made by color or by number. The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins - oh, and when you’re down to only one card, you need to announce “Uno!" or else other players can call you on it and you’re forced to draw more.So far, so good, right? But we start to get into trouble with the Draw cards, which force the next player to draw additional cards instead of playing one of their own. Now, with the way Uno works, many players infer that, since you can stack other cards on top of one another, you can also stack Draw cards, thus avoiding drawing yourself and passing the punishment on to the next player.

Uno Announcement

Official Uno Twitter account

The official Uno Twitter account, however, thinks that approach makes you a dirty cheater who didn’t read the rules properly. A Draw 2 or Draw 4 card, they assert, forces the next player to draw and then end their turn, removing their option to play their own Draw card and moving on to the next player. Also 🗣YOU 🗣DO NOT🗣 need to pull a card until you have a color that matches the discard pile. 🗣 What do you think of this? do you agree with the Uno makers?