\ Exercise 3

Art of writing

Communication is what your thinking, taking the information from someone else. It's something we also use to tell stories write poems, make a joke, telling some one we love them. When you think of art you might think expression, writing can express how someone is feeling in that given moment. It's what can bring people together also apart. Although it has all those benefits and flaws it's still something that makes us unique.

Some blog post

Although it’s true that being a writer of legal documents is an art because you have to do some pretty deep thinking and produce watertight work, I doubt whether anyone would consider a lawyer to be an artist in the truest sense of the word. There are also those who practice the art of brevity in their writing, giving you only the bare facts. Although I appreciate this when I want to quickly get to the heart of the matter, it isn’t always appropriate, and it can be a bit boring to read.


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