1. How will designing under a time constraint influence you as a designer?
  2. I think it'll help me make better and quicker design decisions when under pressure.

  3. When you were asked to switch how did you react?
  4. I was surprised in all honesty. I never really had anyone work off of something I started putting together before.

  5. What challenges did you face and how strong was the other student’s progress and file organization in comparison to your own when you switched?
  6. The challenge i faced was mostly a difference in style and approach. There were times where I didn't know where I was on the layer order, and there were certain elements that were just styled differently to how I would.

  7. How will this experience prepare you for future work as a designer?
  8. I think I'll definitely be more organized and label certain aspects of my work to make it easier for whomever it is that is working off my files haha. It'll also prepare me for the possiblity of working off of other peoples files. In short, this whole experience will just help me adapt to situations such as this.

My start file

first comp by me

Hector's finished file

second comp by hector