Why I chose this career path?

Past Inspiration

If you took a look at Ex4, I have said that it happened when I was still in highschool. Before highchool, in middle school when I had to choose my electives. Digital media (Which I later found it to be graphic design), took my interest and had put that as my highest priority. Meaning that I have a high chance of having digital media as one of my electives. High school started and on my schedule was my top priority elective, igital media. In that year, the elective interested me enough to get me to do some research on it. It was not till either junior year where to what I know it now as Graphic Design, peaked interest. The courses that were related to my major back in highschool were Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and (this is not part of the major but) Premeire Pro.

Future/Present Inspiration

Now, enrolled at valencia as a graphic design major. My passion for this work has increased because of the interesting projects I am doing. Including logos, InDesign page layouts, Typography along with web designing as well as coding with HTML and CSS.